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If you are usually surfing the Internet or you need to read any document written in Spanish, for sure you have ever wanted to have some help to understand that text you were reading.

Languages are not easy to learn, and sometimes we need it to know more about something and we can't read some texts because we don't understand it. Other times we only need the meaning of some words, but it's annoying having to search for the meaning of each word we don't understand. Translite Spanish - English Dictionary is a lite and useful program that will solve that problem. It works in the background and offers you the translation of any word just placing the mouse curssor on the word you need to translate. That's easy.

You can choose if you want to translate from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English. Furthermore you can also access the dictionary itself to search for a certain word. It's really fast. A very good choice if need help with your Spanish.

Finally, when you'll have used it for some time, you'll be able to access statistics and lists of the most used terms, so you can print them.

Fully functional 30 days trial version.

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